Sunday, June 30, 2019

German A4/V2 Rocket, Revell Germany, 1/72 scale, Kit 03309

This kit has been around for some time and is originally a Special Armor (CMK) 2013 release that was reboxed by Revell in 2018.   I thought this model would be a unique addition to my collection.  Since its availability here in the USA is spotty, I ordered it from Hannant’s in the UK (who seem to have everything almost all the time).

I built this kit as a quick, easy project before I plunged into something more complex.

Much interesting information about the V2 (which was the first manmade object to actually go into space) is available on line.   One interesting story is how the Germans tried to use the missile tactically against the bridge over the Rhine River at Remagen.  They fired off a bunch of these missiles hoping to hit the bridge, and one even got within 400 yards.  The rest just blasted more of the local town and the German countryside.  There was a crude guidance system in these missiles, and they were essentially unstoppable once launched.  However they were by no means accurate, but still capable of inflicting serious damage where they did come down.

There are two sprues and a small decal sheet.  The 11 page instruction book is beautiful with clear drawings in full color with four color profiles for finishing.  The parts are very detailed and go together well. No filler was required anywhere.

The splinter camouflage pattern took the most time to complete.  It continues to amaze me that the Germans wasted so much time on intricate camouflage patterns. We seemed to have done rather well with simple coats of olive drab.

I used the following paints:

    Vallejo 71.019 Camo. Dark Green
    Vallejo 71.032 Golden Brown
    Vallejo  71.143 U.K. Light Stone
    Vallejo  71.251 NATO Black
    Model Master Enamel - Steel #1780

The kit includes a travel cart for the launching pad.

The Bf109E in this photo is also 1/72nd scale.  It shows just how large the V2 was.
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  1. Very nice! The splinter camouflage is always time consuming to mask, yours looks great.

  2. It took some time to figure out how to do it! Thanks for your comment. Matt

  3. ... transporter from Revell would be nice too! Enjoyed your comment about OD! Neat work....

  4. Thank you. It was a fun build. Matt