Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Supermarine Spitfire Mk IIa, Revell Germany, 1/32nd Scale, Kit No. 03986

This kit hit the market in late 2014, and it was an instant hit.  And why not?  The reviews were uniformly good, and the price was about $26 US.  With the price of 1/32nd scale WWII fighters running from over $60 to north of $100, what is not to like?  Of course for that price, one should not expect Tamiya quality.  However, if the modeler wants a very god kit that will yield hours of modeling fun and few frustrations, this is a good pick. 

This is my first 1/32nd scale aircraft in over 30 years.   Display room has always been at a premium (and still is), and the time for these builds seemed too long.

I did spend more time on this than I would have spent on a 1/48th scale model, but not a lot more.  It took some time because I was involved with a bunch of other stuff aside from modeling.

The basic construction was fairly simple with no big problems.  Some putty was used here and there, but that is all.  The fit of the parts is very good.

I did add some things from the aftermarket, to wit:

    Eduard canopy masks
    Eduard Brassin wheels
    Eduard exterior PE details
    CMK Kits seat with harness
    Quick Boost exhaust manifolds.

None of these were truly critical.  The kit seat was doable, but needed some kind of harness.  I decided to go the cast resin route with CMK.   After several applications of Tamiya Mark-Fit decal solution, the instrument panel decal snuggled down over the panel details (which could have been painted and would have yielded an excellent panel).

The Revell decals are superb and responded very well to Tamiya Mark-Fit.

The model was painted with Vallejo paints.  Photos of the main colors used appear below.

I really enjoyed this kit.  I have purchased Revell’s new P-51D-5NA (Early Production D) and am looking forward to building it.

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