Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Revell-Monogram B-25J Mitchell – WIP Part 7

The model was completed this weekend.  I am happy with the result.  Twelve pictures of the finished model are below.

These old kits can be something of a challenge, and much of the work is tedious.  Correcting parts for mold misalignment gets tedious.  Look, I said “tedious” twice.  I guess much of the project was…well…tedious at times.

However, if you want a B-25J in 1/48th scale, you have no other choice.  And the look of the finished model is rather good it terms of its shape and dimensions.  It sure looks like the B-25’s I have seen in a thousand pictures over the years.  So I am quite pleased with it.

The great Duke Ellington said, “If it sounds good, it IS good.”  That is how I feel about any model I see.  If it looks good to me, it IS good.  I feel this hobby is somewhat akin to art.  It is a matter of interpretation and making something that pleases the eye.

The endless “rivet counting” and other carping by Internet Experts just leaves me cold.  Sometimes they are right about this detail and that.  Those are the ones who quote an authority or source.  The ones that don’t cite anything are generally blowing so much smoke.

I am not saying that authenticity should not be a goal.  I research every model I build and strive to make the finished model look as much like the prototype as possible.  But when someone using some weird pseudonym posts some comment about how the intercooler grill has vertical fins and not horizontal fins and therefore the entire model should be smashed with a hammer, I seriously start to doubt the mental status of the writer.

The bottom line is that I am pleased enough with the B-25 that I am starting to wonder about the Monogram B-26 Marauder in 1/48th scale I have in my stash.  That would look nice on he shelf next to the B-25.  And what is a little filing, sanding and filling?

Thank you for looking and enjoy your modeling.


  1. Hi Matthew, Your B-25 is beautiful. Good job! I looked at your other work and really enjoy the pics and your commentary. I subscribed to your blog so I can keep up with you.


    Ronn Munsterman
    Author, the Sgt. Dunn Novels

  2. Thank you, Ronn, and Happy 4th of July! One has to wrestle those old kits a bit, but the results are worth it.