Sunday, June 19, 2016

Revell-Monogram B-25J Mitchell – WIP Part 6

Painting has commenced.  I have grown quite find of using Vallejo Model Air paints for my models.  This model is being finished with Olive Drab (71.043) and Base Grey (71.097), the latter matching neutral grey.

Vallejo paints come in dropper bottles, so all you need to do to dispense them is shake the paint up, remove the cap, and put drops into your airbrush paint cup.  (This is much less messy than mixing in standard bottles and trying to pour the paint out, and you waste less of it.)  I usually dilute paint with Vallejo thinner mixed 3:1 or 2:1.  I also have been adding a drop of Vallejo retarder medium (70.597).  This seems to work for me.

I painted the underside of the wings, nacelles and stabilizer with the grey and let it dry.  I then masked the grey off with Tamiya tape and Frog painter’s tape.  The demarcation line between the stabilizer and wings and the fuselage shows a very sharp line.  I think (speculate) that the wings and the tail surfaces were painted prior to installation on the fuselage.  Thus, I wanted the sharp lines as in the original.

I wish I had kept some of that grey foam computer parts used to come packaged in.  That would have made better masking material than the Kleenex I used here.  I stuff little pieces into the opening, and then I wet it with an eye dropper and push it in a little more.  This seems to hold it in place pretty well.


The pre-shading is shown here.  All through this process, I have been concerned that the machine gun barrels would snag on something and break off.  So far, I have managed to avoid that.

The cowlings have been painted a bright yellow and masked off.  The wing tips are white.  Once I make sure that the olive drab/neutral grey looks good, I will remove the masking over the grey, white and yellow, and I will proceed ahead with decal application.

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