Saturday, December 17, 2016

Year End Wrap-up for 2016

This year I managed to complete ten (10) models.  I am sure that is a record.  (It is not that I spend all my time at the work bench.  I am active in acting as an arbitrator, state bar association committees, competitive shooting, photography here in the beautiful Southwest as well as travel.)

Next year I think I will start off with some more aircraft, which is my greater interest. 

Sometimes I wonder why I continue to write this blog.  I do not have that many readers.  Recently I looked at the statistics for this blog, and I was surprised to see that almost half of the page views are from the Russian Federation and not a few from India and other countries.

Way back in 1990 and 1991, I had the opportunity to visit Russia, which was still the USSR and St. Petersburg was still Leningrad.  Things were changing rapidly.    Of course, as someone who grew up during the Cold War, I had very mixed views of the then-USSR and what I might find there, but I was very surprised.  I found very friendly and kind people.  They spoiled their kids, but not in a bad way.  Just  very indulgent parents.  They were genuinely interested in meeting an American, just as we were in meeting them.  We seemed to have so much in common.  We were all hopeful.  Maybe we can find our way back to those hopeful days.

Anyway, I was asking my hosts about many things including scale modeling.  They said that sometimes some items were available in the stores, and one day I was presented with two old Frog kits in poly bags with no decals or instructions - just the sprues.  That was all that was available then.  From what I see from Russian modelers on the Internet today, that has changed a great deal.  They are producing some incredible models.

So, the fact that a few folks from around the world are looking at what I am posting, I think I shall keep it up.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah,  etc., and whatever you celebrate at this time of year, a happy time with your families.  And to everyone, a Happy and Prosperous New Year.


  1. very nice sentiments and well expressed. All to the best to you and yes, do please keep on blogging in 2017!