Sunday, August 2, 2015

Some Modeling History

In my wanderings around the Internet, I came across this very interesting item: 
 Craftsmanship is a web magazine which they describe as follows:
“This magazine was created to explore the ethos of craftsmanship in its widest sense—a journey that we take primarily through stories about the most interesting people in the world who work with their hands."

So, it is not a scale modeling website per se.  The article I have linked to Parts and Recreation by Jeff Greenwald is a wonderful, detailed description of the design and production of plastic models by Monogram and Revell over the last 70 years.  There are interviews with some of the original artisans in the field.

In the beginning, the molds were produced with much handwork here in the USA.  Today, they are cut in China based on computer directions sent there by Revell.

If you have any curiosity about how our model kits have been and are produced, and all the work that goes into them from concept to store shelf, this article is really worth reading.

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