Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A New Blog and an Old Kittyhawk (P-40E)

After spending nearly 40 years in my career (lawyer), I have retired to Arizona.  We lived in Maine, but elected to spend our “Golden Years” away from the horrible New England winters.  We traded for toasty Sonoran Desert summers.

I now have time to get back to making scale models.  Over the years, I kept my “stash”, but have not added to it for a few decades, until now.  Several things surprised me.  First, the very high quality of the work being done now by modelers is amazing.  Second, the fact that the kits of 1990 are still out there in new boxes with new decals.  Third, the “after market” has grown so much.  Fourth, the fading out of enamels in favor of acrylic paints.  Fifth, the Internet makes research a snap.  I have  bunch of Detail & Scale and In Action books (no longer $3.95), but now I don’t need them.

My stash included an Otaki P-40E, which was pretty much state of the art when last I built a model.  Now, it is pretty dated.  But so am I, I suppose.  There is not much to say about it.  The decals came out of my collection.  I added an Ultracast seat with molded-in seat belts but nothing else.  It is painted with Model Master Acrylic paints.  I masked the canopy with Bare Metal foil, but it left a residue I had to remove with paint thinner and a Q-Tip.  I found that by priming the model with Vallejo Grey Surface Primer (an acrylic/polyurethane product), I was able to use Tamiya masking tape with no issues of the paint pulling up.  That used to be an issue years ago with Polly-S sprayed on plastic.

The model represents a Kittyhawk Mk IA of the Royal Australian Air Force, 77 Squadron, Goodenough Island, New Guinea, in 1942.  It was the aircraft of Squadron Leader Richard Cresswell.  Since I was a kid, the P-40 has fascinated me.  It was a real workhorse in the Pacific and the Western Desert.
My goal will be to add regularly to this blog.  I am experimenting with new (to me) paints and other products, and this will serve as a journal for myself if nothing else.  I hope someone else finds it useful. 

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